Green Cards

March 28th, 2019

Important Note:

If the United Kingdom(UK) exits the European Union(EU) without a deal driving in Europe will require the issue of a Green Card.
A Green card is an international certificate of insurance which provides confirmation insurance is in force for driving in the EU.
After the 31st October 2019 any customer who wishes to drive a vehicle in the EU will be required to carry a green card with them. Customers cannot take an electronic copy with them.
If a green card is required for any specified vehicle for social domestic and pleasure use this can be issued by us.
We will require a minimum notice period of 14 days to guarantee that the document can be provided in sufficient time.
We will not charge for this cover in the EEA, Andorra, Switzerland and Serbia.

To request a green card please use the email address of

The email must show the policy number; the dates of cover the green card is required for and the countries to be visited

For business use or for use in other green card countries the request should be sent via the current adjustment process for this to be considered.

New Westminster website launched

October 2nd, 2012

Westminster is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

The site has been enhanced with a number of new or enhanced products such as Courier Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance and to highlight the other products Westminster Insurance are able to offer such as Motor Trade and Motor Dealer Insurance.

At the same time Westminster Insurance are launching Home Insurance through Legal and GeneralTM. This Home Insurance product is extensive and allows customers to be at ease knowing that their policy coverage is one of if not the best on the market. Dealing with a Local Agent for more than one class of insurance is an aim of Westminster Insurance over the coming months.

Contact your Local Agent to find out more.